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Because the software does not create a graphical drawing on the screen, but instead translates a 2D representation into a graphical representation, the drawings that are created in AutoCAD are often referred to as 2D drawings. Some features, such as the ability to save a drawing as a PDF file, make it easier to send the drawings to someone else, but the primary purpose of AutoCAD is to create 3D drawings. For this reason, Autodesk refers to a drawing created in AutoCAD as a 3D drawing or simply as a drawing.

AutoCAD is available in AutoCAD LT, which is a free app, and AutoCAD LT for iPad. LT for iPad is available in four editions: Architectural Design Edition, Civil Engineering Edition, Mechanical Engineering Edition, and Structural Engineering Edition. All of these editions are free and provide the basic functionality of the app. The Pro and Standard editions are also free but provide extra features. Standard includes most of the features in AutoCAD, but Pro includes more advanced features such as parametric drafting, parametric commands, and cross-reference capabilities.

By the way, Autodesk also offers other CAD software, such as AutoCAD 360, an app for creating 3D drawings from photographs or 2D drawings, and AutoCAD LT, an app for creating 2D drawings from a wide variety of file types.

AutoCAD is available in the three versions of AutoCAD LT (above), which is free for anyone and comes with a free subscription to the software and cloud services.

AutoCAD is offered in two editions, AutoCAD Standard and AutoCAD Pro, as well as AutoCAD LT, which is free for anyone.

If you want more features and features that go beyond what LT provides, such as parametric and 3D capabilities, AutoCAD Pro is available at a monthly subscription fee of $9.99 or $29.99 for a one-time purchase.

At the other end of the spectrum, Autodesk also offers CAD software called AutoCAD LT, which is free for everyone and comes with a free subscription to the software and cloud services. Like the other versions of AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT includes the basic functionalities of a CAD program. It does not have the features of a standard CAD program. That said, AutoCAD LT does have some very good features, such as the ability to

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Simulation (2016-)
The Simulation feature of AutoCAD Product Key 2016 is an integral part of the software. It lets users create 3D models for software simulation. The simulation includes terrain, gravity, wind, etc. as well as material behavior like impact, breakage, collision, etc. and real time performance.

ObjectARX (2017-)
ObjectARX is a C++ library for developing applications that are cross-platform, extensible, and highly object-oriented. It is a component of AutoCAD 2017. The objectARX component is made available separately to developers.

MATLAB/Simulink (2010-2017)
Matlab/Simulink is a mathematics software environment with many capabilities in the field of simulation and analysis. The user is able to easily develop applications and automate computational tasks.

Part of the functionality of AutoCAD comes from the integration of Simulink.

Visual LISP (2010-)
Visual LISP is the first plugin of AutoCAD introduced by SRCarabia in its catalog for AutoCAD.

Part of the functionality of AutoCAD comes from the integration of Visual LISP.

Create custom built-in functions
Units, radians, degrees, degrees/min, radians/min, radians/deg, degrees/meters and radians/meters are examples of built-in functions. These built-in functions are used in AutoCAD for mathematical operations on units of measurement.

Units, radians, degrees, degrees/min, radians/min, radians/deg, degrees/meters and radians/meters are examples of built-in functions. These built-in functions are used in AutoCAD for mathematical operations on units of measurement.

The API provides the functionality of the software to programmers. The API is documented and enables all programmers to understand how the software operates.

Virtual assistant
The virtual assistant is an intelligent application which can be used to help AutoCAD users complete their job.


Autodesk Acoustics

Autodesk Acoustics, a software developed by the AutoCAD developers, is used to create and modify acoustic properties in an Autodesk CAD database.

Autodesk Analysis & Design
Autodesk Analysis & Design is used by users to design and build models in the field of structural design, like bridges, highways, dams


After this, you should see a tab called “Autocad” in the “Applications and Software” menu.

Click on that and you will see the “Autocad” in the list.

After you activate it, you should see the “Autocad” tab in the
“Applications and Software” menu.

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I just checked the AppFabric Caching FAQ, which states:

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What’s New In?

PDF: Importing a part of a drawing (2014)

As a “next-generation” version of the previously included Markup feature, AutoCAD 2020 marked the introduction of automatic markup import from PDF documents. The new Markup Import/Markup Assist feature incorporates PDF pages directly into the selected drawing, allows you to edit these pages directly within the drawing without having to leave the drawing area, and provides a variety of commands that let you review, edit, and incorporate feedback into your design. This feature is available in all editions of AutoCAD.

The NEW Features in the upcoming release of AutoCAD 2023 include:


New visual styles and options to bring your designs to life.

3D drawing experiences in your drawings:

Adding solid-and-unfilled-subdivision features

New editable 3D models

AutoCAD Match:

Save time with AutoCAD Match, the latest in 3D modeling technology.

Drafting & Modeling:

Save your designs as part of a complete drawing.

Improved core and learning tools

New editable 3D models

AutoCAD Link & Share:

Share complete drawings as high-resolution PDF files.

Improved network performance and usability

Align to a 3D model

Save to shared drawing

Viewing a new camera to align

Improved editing tools:

New aligning tools (textured and textured-only)

New annotating tools (mark, coordinate, and reference)

Save annotations as guides

Faster editing tools:

Improved speed when opening and closing files

Upgraded graphics engine with GPU-based rendering

New collaboration tools:

Send a drawing to someone’s drawing or model, to view changes in real time

Drag and drop between clients

Create and manage revisions easily

New interoperability tools:

Support for Open Design Alliance (ODA) standardized file formats and Open Design Alliance (ODA) file format conversion.

Continue to add new user experience (UX) features such as “fill in the blanks” with faster importing of new files.

A new accelerant user experience, such as smart thumbnails, smart guides, auto-complete, and object insertion that work both in your drawings and online.

Additional tools to improve collaboration on

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Supported Operating Systems:
Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 / Server 2012 R2 / Server 2016 / Windows Server 2019
Minimum System Requirements:
Terms of Use:
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