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AR PROCESSING CORE by Emerson imaging. The following are very old projects I have done over the past few years for various. tiff file formats (if they are large) so the last time. Supplier of EDI data import services including access to download e .
Driftwood in the New Moon (or Spring 2014). Artwork. Design. Zoom out. First attempt at detailing. Convert to outline. Outline. Light the flame! .


28 July 2018


As for me, I usually just add 8-bit frames and play with the settings in Lightroom. The final output usually works better for me then any other processing method.

nice work on the driftswood. That’s such a cool image. I’m sure it’s gone on to much success.

I’m in the same boat as you, I wasn’t able to use most of the features in Lightroom (also the Auto masking feature). But that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy working with it. I just didn’t feel I could get it to work as I wanted it to and I figured it was a long process to play with the settings until I got it to look like I wanted it.

I started using PhotoAcute 2.0 just because I happened across it and was curious to see how it compared with Lightroom. It is completely free software and unlike the other free photo software I’ve tried in the past, it worked for me.

I followed your instructions in the hub and processed this image in it. And now i feel your post is right on target. This is a simple job for what it is, but for some folks it is a major deal.

I really appreciate your help. It would be nice to have something just like this to use for my wedding pictures.

Just use your eyes and know what you see and what you don’t see. Use the existing light and try to put the shadows where you want them. The shadow on the model is also highly dependent on the ambient light source. That’s what makes it “work” for you.

Final Thoughts? Autodesk Flare is the best software for me because it works as advertised. It is very easy to use and you can find tutorials all over the internet. For me, it is the most useful of the Autodesk packages.

This is a great tutorial, but I would like to make the suggestion

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