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How to get the ID of a button to be sure that I’m working on the right button

I have 2 buttons. I use an AsyncTask class that updates a UI, called as myActivity. My problem is that since these buttons are both called from the same class (myActivity.getView().findViewById(;) my buttons always get the same ID.
I’ve tried using
but I can’t get the right ID for each button.


If you’re only updating a portion of the UI, what you really want is to update the UI on the UI thread, which in Java means you need to use AsyncTask and the update your UI there.
If you need to update your UI and at the same time use an AsyncTask class to save data, you’ll need to use 2 different AsyncTasks, one to the save your data and one to update the UI. It’s the same thing if you want to do a network operation while updating the UI (although I recommend you do the network operation in a separate Thread).
If all you want is to have different IDs for the Buttons, you can just define a collection of IDs (ArrayList buttonIDs = new ArrayList()) and use that as the button IDs in your layout XML or dynamically define your ids as a tag in a for loop in the XML.
// get the list of button IDs from an ArrayList


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