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Microangelo Toolset V6.10.71 Retail-FOSI

Microangelo Toolset V6.10.71 Retail-FOSI
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Subclassing an objective-c class from a library from c++ – what would be best approach to create an instance of the class?

I have a library written in c++ where a class library “X” is subclassed from an “Original Class”. That is the original class is called “BaseClass” and class library X is called “DerivedClass”, both of these classes are contained within a library.
1) I have created a wrapper in c++ that allows access to the original class (BaseClass) from c++ and the class library X (DerivedClass) from c++. In C++ i need to create a instance of the class library X and subsequently a subclass (DerivedClass) of it.
2) How should i approach this?
In c++ I would create a static instance of the class library X and then call into the method contained within that object to create an instance of the derived class. Is this what would need to be done in objective-c?


It really depends on what type of C

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When Is the Oldest. Microangelo Toolset v6.10.71 Retail-FOSI Product Key · Simca P 13 .
Microangelo.Toolset.v6.10.71.retail-FOSI.1, 0, 0, Apr. 8th ’12. AISsim v4.21-DIGERATI, 0, 1, 3.3 MB0, 1 decade ago. Audio.Editor.Master.v5.4.1.229- .Update on 1 September 2017

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Microangelo Toolset V6.10.71 retail-FOSI
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. Microangelo Toolset v6.10.71 retail-FOSI, and five other applications, now come as £32.69 .
. Microangelo Toolset v6.10.71 retail-FOSI, and five other applications, now come as £32.69 .
microangelo 6.10.71 retail-fosi toolset. Also now comes with four integrated icon editors and managers, an icon explorer and explorer.
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Microangelo Toolset v6.10.71 Retail-FOSI
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