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AsbF-WTD extends the German and the Swiss terror list. This decision is necessary to enable the issuing of visas and to implement the Schengen area which is less secure. The instruction by the German authorities to arrest persons who are currently or were on the terror list a few days ago is violating the Schengen treaty.

AsbF-WTD is the decision of the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) in Karlsruhe.

AsbF-WTD is a Swiss decision based on the German Terrorist list (AsbF). Switzerland states that terrorists currently or who were on the AsbF a few days ago no longer have the right of residence. To protect the rights of Swiss citizens, Switzerland will not recognize residence permits of persons on the terror list in Germany.

These people are not Swiss citizens but foreigners. They are therefore not subjected to extradition. The German authorities must arrest these persons according to Article 5 (2) of the Federal Act on the Enforcement of the Foreign Criminal Code (Afd. 5 z. B. [German: Bundesgesetz über den Erlass der Auslieferungsverordnung] [BGBl. I, 2440, 2442, 2524; BGBl. II, 2107, 2108, 2109; BGBl. III, S. 1083; BGB l, S. 260]; [German: Auslieferungsverordnung für Terroristen] [Durchführungsbestimmungen, BVerfGE 113, 112, 115; 116, 61; 117, 60; 118, 58; 132, 52; 136, 53; BVerfG ZBK 5/03; AktD-ZBl. 159/08]), that is extradition.

Swiss citizenship in the German Legal Order is much more valuable than residence permits according to the extradition agreements of the Swiss federal government and some cantons. It is also a form of membership of the Confederation according to the constitution and the federal law.

AsbF-WTD is a violation of the bilateral extradition treaty as well as the legal order. As long as the person concerned has not fulfilled the conditions of an expulsion, the Federal Court should not make a decision. The person concerned must be notified of the decision to deny the right of residence.

The authorisations of the Bundesaufsichtsbehörde (BA

MyPublicWiFi Free Download

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App Reviews

Good app with a few limitations


By pstime & ~

The ability to block traffic from certain apps would be nice as well as an easy way to set up a password. Also the option to set the IP address of the Internet connection to be the main IP of the device rather than the IP of the WiFi network would be great. I also have had problems with the hotspot name changing after some time.

Works great, one issue



I installed this and it is working great, but one issue. Upon reboot it changes the name of the hotspot to a generic name. I have no idea how it is changing it.

Saves the Internet for up to 2 hours at a time, Not hard!


By Santaf7

The best thing about this App is that it lets you use your Regular Internet Connection in a “HotSpot” just by logging into the App for up to 2 hours AT A TIME! This is the best alternative to using your SIM card as a cell phone if it is on (and you have been paying for)!

It works!


By Buddy M

We are using this app for several hours a week, even on 3G! It’s just that great!

Can’t get more than 2 connections


By Michael E

Settings are to wide and you are limited to 2 connections.
I use this app for the home and our office.
It will randomly turn itself off and on.
Then I have to re-connect to my office ( wired ) wpa2 wifi.
I hope someone can help out.
(I’m new to this site)

So easy to use.


By Scooter D

Works as advertised. Better yet, you don’t have to pay for a prepaid SIM to use. No more expensive mobile phone bills.

Better than hotspot!



I wish this application was available in the Play Store. This application provides two things that most people don’t know about:
1- You can create a hotspot without having to connect to your Wi-Fi network.
2- You can access 2 accounts simultaneously.
It would be even better if


Create hotspot with simple click

Share Internet connection

Public shared network without access issues

Create hotspot that you can password protect

Using default key for authentication

Public network with limited usage

Themed interface

Create hotspot with simple click

Getting to grips with the MyPublicWiFi application begins by simply clicking “Create Hotspot” on the interface toolbar. You will see a short screen with a list of network name and password combinations:

Your network name and password are also set to “MyPublicWiFi” and “{your password}” respectively, but since you’re not supposed to know the password or network name, you should probably use something stronger, such as “AllMySharingPasswords” and “{your password}” instead.
Clicking either option will open a small window that gives you all the information about the network you’ve just created, including the key and name, the password type, bandwidth limits and bandwidth allocation in addition to a simple network icon that represents the hotspot.
To open the application, simply click on the icon and you’ll be given the simple interface with options to view, connect and create a connection. Once the connection is made, you’ll be able to see all the devices that’s connected to your network in the main window, as well as on the “Connected Devices” tab of the interface. You can also disconnect any device by clicking the eye icon.
You’re able to create a password for your hotspot right from the start and to view all the users connected to your network, but you’ll have to manually add the IP addresses of any new ones to the connection list. Additionally, you can block the bandwidth usage of certain types of software with just a simple click of the “Block” button.
You can create the hotspot from the main window of the application, or from the “Connect to hotspot” tab, where you can select the name, bandwith, encryption and security options to generate the keys and settings for the network.
If you want to change the network name, you’ll also be able to delete it right from this tab.
You can find more details about your shared network – including the available bandwidth and number of connections – on the “Overview” tab, where you can find some useful information

What’s New in the?

MyPublicWiFi is a versatile application, able to share your Internet connection by creating a virtual Wi-Fi hotspot, to which other devices can connect to based on a secure authentication process.
It’s appropriate for home use, as well as in larger environments such as hotels, cafes, meeting rooms and virtually anywhere you require a shared Internet connection.
MyPublicWiFi isn’t the first, nor the last application of this type, but through ease of use and accessibility, it manages to appeal to users with a lower degree of understanding of WiFi networks and computers.
Wrapped up inside a streamlined design, MyPublicWiFi goes straight to the point with its simple interface, allowing you to setup the network in just a few clicks.
You can use the default network name (SSID) and key that the application provides at startup, but it’s wiser to choose a stronger password for authentication, as well as a more personal name so that users can recognize your network without much trouble.
Once you’ve done these, you can start the hotspot – it will become available almost immediately. Everyone that connects to it is listed inside a separate tab in the main window, allowing you to view their IP and MAC addresses.
Moreover, you can block file sharing software, as well as P2P clients such as eDonkey, BitTorrent and other such applications inside the WiFi hotspot.
On an ending note, MyPublicWiFi allows for the easy creation of hotspots that you can use to share your Internet connection without boundaries, but imposing limits on resource usage is also possible.
All in all, MyPublicWiFi is a nifty application that should speed up the sharing process of your Internet connection for no additional fee.

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System Requirements For MyPublicWiFi:

Latest Pro Cycling Manager on your PC (will work on most systems and devices)
PC running Windows 7, 8, 10 or above (32-bit and 64-bit)
Processor 1.6GHz CPU or greater
Memory (RAM) 4 GB or more
12 GB or more of available storage space
Graphics Card 32 MB or greater (Vista users will need 32 MB of VRAM to run the game).
Windows, Nvidia, AMD or Intel compatible GPU.
DirectX 9.0
For best results, get

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