RPG Maker MV - Animations Collection II: Quantum 2022 [New]


Quantum is a completely new turn-based combat RPG system developed by Master 2D artist Ken Rinaldi. Quantum was designed from the ground up to be a rich, content-rich game with a good story in mind. Characters are brought to life with over 75 unique real-time and classic animations, a variety of different charm stats, and a brand new fluid battle system that guarantees fun gameplay for any experience level. Quantum’s technical base is found in its “Quantum Engine”, a brand new designed resource system that eliminates traditional in-game resource costs and creates a unique gameplay experience.
Ken Rinaldi is a freelance illustrator, programmer, animator, video editor, 3D modeler, and writer. He spends most of his time working on concept art, characters, and monsters for games and movies. He is also the technical manager and creative director for an indie game studio that focuses on creating video games for mobile phones. He has previously worked as a lead animator and art director for several years.

//Looking for a copy of the animation file:

//Contact me through gmail. zdenek (at) zdenekpravda (dot) net

//Looking for a copy of the animation file:

//Contact me through gmail. zdenek (at) zdenekpravda (dot) net

//Looking for a copy of the animation file:

//Contact me through gmail. zdenek (at) zdenekpravda (dot) net

//Looking for a copy of the animation file:

//Contact me through gmail. zdenek (


RPG Maker MV – Animations Collection II: Quantum Features Key:

  • 12 different grids of animations
  • Additional animation scale factor
  • Additional interpolations between frames


RPG Maker MV – Animations Collection II: Quantum Free License Key [32|64bit]

What is Animations Collection II: Quantum?
RPG Maker is a software that allows you to craft your own turn-based RPG. It is a very simple tool to use, but has an extremely huge potential.
This last collection of the Animations Collection features Quantum Mechanics.
As you might have already seen, the formulas of mechanics in RPG Maker are well-balanced and simple. Yet, those formulas work extremely well and they are heavily used to make special effects in the game industry.
However, those formulas are confined to the universe of classical mechanics – a concept that can be applied with ease in our own reality (but not beyond its limits). In addition, if you can imagine something that no classical mechanic can be used for, then that’s the thing we seek for in Quantum Mechanics.
For several years, I have been slowly working on a brand new RPG Maker MV project which is about to be featured in the new Animations Collection II: Quantum.
And this RPG Maker MV project is so full of imagination, it may actually take you one step further than any other RPG Maker project.
This might be the biggest project I’ve worked on in the last years.
Currently, there is no plan on how to monetize this project. So, this might never be released outside of the Kickstarter project.
How do we work?
All the animations were crafted with a particular concept in mind:
we want to create a series of animations that are scientifically accurate and yet a little unconventional.
The animations, in all their full blown glory, were crafted at 60FPS and 30 FPS – at the same time.
It is the first time that such a feat has been accomplished in the entire world of JRPG with such high quality, as it was demonstrated during the public beta test.
I was so amazed by the results that my friend and I established a workshop to achieve the same effect.
Another difference is that we were able to release the project for free – something that has never been done before with RPG Maker MV.
For the reference of everybody, our animations are included in the project in the form of project files that you can simply copy and paste in your own project without a hitch.
It includes all the resources.
This RPG Maker MV project is as advanced as the Animations Collection II: Quantum.
It is a project that you are all invited to enjoy.
Welcome to the future of classical RPGs.
After the beta test, we were able


RPG Maker MV – Animations Collection II: Quantum Crack Free [Mac/Win] (Updated 2022)

– Classic JRPG Elements + Unconventional
In the Magic Realm, there exists an unmistakable concept that magic plays a primary role in battle. When being introduced to the JRPG genre, many players might immediately find themselves asking why the magic aspect of the genre is left to the imagination.
There comes a time when your imagination can only go so far. That’s where Animations Collection II: Quantum comes in to help redefine what the word “magic” means.
As an upgrade to the original Animations Collection, the animations in Animations Collection II: Quantum were crafted using cutting-edge technology to cater to high-end gaming machines and even time-warping mages.
Choose from a vast range of unconventional magic spells by turning ordinary objects into weapons. Magics that you never thought would possible are made possible with the use of our new time-warping technology.
The new animations in Animations Collection II: Quantum have been carefully crafted to reinvent the magic aspect of the JRPG genre. Do you dare take the challenge of redefining the magic and its gameplay in the Animations Collection?
You probably think that I’m nothing more than a pretentious dreamer who doesn’t know what he is talking about. My unapologetic views are uncensored and my defense is straight forward.
It’s not all fluff and fancy images, here! Look behind the veil!
For those who asked, I am not a prop artist or motion graphic designer. Instead, I am an experienced programmer who has mastered programming tools such as those used in the “Animes Shadows: Corrective Action Room” by Way of Ron (
I have also been fortunate enough to gain experience through the work of people who have opened my eyes to realities beyond the realm of the ordinary.
You must be interested in animation! And I am glad to share my work and not hate on those who do not speak to the truth and condemn those who are different.
Support this channel on Patreon
out by only donating, every little bit helps me to continue to create more content.
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Please watch: ”
How to create your own SquareEnix game mechanic (Part 1):


What’s new in RPG Maker MV – Animations Collection II: Quantum:

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Free stuff!


This is a collection of animations in MP4 format, that contains both of my previous collections of animations.

How to use them?

1. Load every animation by clicking on the animation you want to use on the Tree menu
2. If your PC is slow, there are options in the first tab to turn off anything unnecessary


When I made the first animation on my first collection I tried to use the prototype of FMV games. It was my first introduction to animation since I had been making games for years. I didn’t want to repeat myself and all those workflows. As I say in the beginning, this is not a Walkthrough of the player’s life but if the player hasn’t seen where I get the mp4s from, it would be good to show it in the media section. So, what is Dreamcast and Game Maker 7?

Dreamcast is a video game console produced by Sega, first released in Japan in 1999. It is similar to Sony’s Playstation and Nintendo’s Game Boy. The console had a CD drive for the games and many multimedia compatible peripherals. Although the console was produced for worldwide market, only Japan and North America got the console.

Like the later Sega Saturn, Dreamcast adopted a “konami-like” controller layout. Dreamcast screen resolution was 640×480 at 60Hz with supports of 256 colors and 4xSB (4 dot matrix screens). The console supports AVI and WMV and was capable of capturing signals from multiple sources including USTS, RGB, composite video and RGB-D (704x480x60 @ 300).

Sega introduced their ElecToy Communication Device (CDTV), which was a disc-media based controller. Similarly to Nintendo’s Super Nintendo Entertainment System, players could use this controller to play the console.

Sega later introduced their Television Games Navigation (TG-Navi) in 2000. This was a box similar to a dvd player that also handled DVD and CD discs.

Game Maker is the first game making software that I really liked and started making games for in 2002. The tech was really easy to learn to start off with. It was free and supported by 4 channels of advertisement, which was very cheap to advertise and was somehow acceptable to me back then, which led me to create original stories, music &


Download RPG Maker MV – Animations Collection II: Quantum Crack + For PC


How To Crack:

  • Extract archive.exe
  • Install
  • Select Look & Feel and Download patch
  • Close Program
  • Open patch folder and get.patch file
  • Open file and install patch
  • Close patch file

How To Play

  • Click on the exe to launch the game
  • Click on the Planes from the menu top
  • Click on the Navigator from the menu bottom



System Requirements For RPG Maker MV – Animations Collection II: Quantum:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (64-bit)
Processor: Core 2 Duo (2.4 GHz)
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT or AMD Radeon HD 3870 (1 GB VRAM)
DirectX: Version 9.0
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
Keyboard/Mouse: Microsoft standard
Additional Notes: Antivirus software is recommended to prevent online



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