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Serials 2005 Serial Key

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Fetching the latest three month dataframe from data frame having more than 50k rows

I have a dataframe df1 of size >50k rows with few columns like Location, Month and Sales_over_three_month.
I want to fetch the latest three months of sales data in a different data frame df2 of same size (e.g., for the above data frame df1, 3-months df2 will have size equal to that of df1).
Note: I am not able to find an exact example of what I am looking for.


You can try:
Since column month is unique, you can use apply() and getLast() to get the latest data. Then you can concat() to get the data in 3 months.
df1 = df1.set_index(‘Month’).apply(lambda x : x.set_index(‘Month’).reset_index()[‘Sales_over_three_month’].getLast()).reset_index()
df2 = pd.concat([df1,df1], axis=1)


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