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Ever wondered why the mp3 you’re listening to is named “07_single-start_me_up.mp3” but has an artist (-tag) like “The very Best of” while it sounds like an old song from ABBA?
I was tired of this. It took hours to organize my MP3 files into a music directory structure, that seems to the best fit to the content and I renamed all my mp3’s manually.But when I loaded them in my favorite mp3-Player, there was still chaos!
So I started on developing SnapIt! and I was really surprised, when I first saw my mp3’s in a strong hierarchical order: Duplicated artists with slightly different names, lots of tracks without an album- and/or artist-name or even without a track-name! So my first scope was on an easy way to edit the id3-tags.
After that, I found that it’s still a bit more comfortable to let others type in while I can benefit from this…so I added CDDB support. A few weeks later I found this great toolkit from RocketDivision that enabled me, to deal with my CD-Writer without knowing to much about SCSI and all the other stuff.







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It’s a nice and simple MP3-Tag Editor.
Where do I tag the mp3 files?
Its easy!
Each and every mp3 file can get information from three different
tags and from two different groups of tags.
First, there is the tag often called “tag-0” which holds all
information about the song, but also the folder and file names.
That one is standard and works with any MP3-Tag editor.
Second is the meta data “tag-1” which includes the artists
name, the track and the album.
And the third group is the “artist-tag” which is used when
you manually set a song a specific artist.
With this tool you get the option to edit the “tag-0” tags.
Second option is to modify the “tag-1” meta data and the
All of these tags are located in the ID3-Tag in the MP3.
How do I edit the ID3-Tags?
You can open the ID3-Tag by selecting the MP3 and press “CTRL+M”
(command+m). If you want to edit ID3-Tags of all files at once,
you can drag and drop the files from the “MP3” Tab to the
“ID3” Tab.

In this simple utility you can easily remove unwanted text from any image of any picture and it will be very easy to use. This application makes it really easy to remove any unwanted text or number from a image, it has a really simple interface. You can select any text as usual as a color and you can change it’s size and color. It also has a really easy undo option, so you don’t need to do a big number of mistakes. I’m using an image that has black text on a white background so the text is difficult to spot. After a few seconds it is easy to remove unwanted text from an image.

This application works with images in JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, JPG, TIF, PPM, PCX, PSD, TGA, TIF, ANI, AMI, DIB and various other formats.


You can easily remove text from an image.

You can easily change the text’s color, size, font and background.

You can easily change the background color for your text.

You can select a

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Saves me from my work with manually renaming the tracks and other silly renaming which is done by the ID3-Tools.
All tracks in a folder are automatically sorted in a strong hierarchical order!
Also supports all kind of resolution
and 24-bit 96k-sampling.
Just drag the files to the folder and they will be automatically renamed.
Also supports many different archives, formats and cddb-values.
For example:
* Simple MP3-Files
* Mp3-Files with Album-Art
* Mp3-Files with Volume-Assorted-Tags
* Mp3-Files with *CDDB-Tags
The demo also features SnapIt! Free Download, but I have to say, I didn’t have enough time to play around with it and I also haven’t figure out how to add more resolutions to it.
I don’t think it’s a good idea to have the same theme over and over again.
The files I’ve included in the demo:
* Artist « 3 Doors Down »
* Artist « Climax Blues Band »
* Artist « David Carradine »
* Artist « David Coverdale »
* Artist « Dire Straits »
* Artist « Falco »
* Artist « Flea »
* Artist « FOO FIGHTERS »
* Artist « GNR »
* Artist « Hammer »
* Artist « James Hetfield »
* Artist « James Jamerson »
* Artist « Kirk Hammett »
* Artist « Korn »
* Artist « Led Zeppelin »
* Artist « Kix »
* Artist « Lois Lane »
* Artist « MMF »
* Artist « NIN »
* Artist « Robert Palmer »
* Artist « Ronnie James Dio »
* Artist « Rod Stewart »
* Artist « Sam Rivers »
* Artist « Scott »
* Artist « Soundgarden »
* Artist « Twisted Sister »
* Artist « Van Halen »
* Artist « Vinnie Vincent »
* Artist « ZAKK WYLDE »
* Artist « Elbow »
* Artist « Gilberto Gil »
* Artist « Neil Diamond »
* Artist « The Beatles »
* Artist « ”’Explosions in the Sky”’ »
* Artist « ”’Featherweight Mammoth”’ »
* Artist « ”’Hawkwind”’ »
* Artist « ”’John 5”

SnapIt! Download

“SnapIt! is a Desktop Tool to Organize, Edit and Export of MP3, WAV and OGG files.”
SnapIt! has two modes:
– A direct mode for editing the id3-tags of MP3, WAV or OGG files directly.
– A Directory Listing Mode that shows you a List of all your files, with all kind of information and can be sorted by Artist, Album, Track, Year, Genre, Title, Country,..!
SnapIt! has all features of WMP11 but with a lot more.
SnapIt! Features:
Edit- and Export:
– Edit titles, description and any other information in the ID3-Tags of files
– The ID3-Tags of all files within a directory can be modified
– The ID3-Tags of all files can be exported in a few formats
– The local ID3-tags can be exported into the Internet.
– Split-Data-Error:
– The text in the ID3-tags can be split into chunks
– You can, if something goes wrong, change parts of the ID3-tags
– Tracks can be split into smaller parts or even deleted.
– Import and Export of ‘all tags’:
– Import all tags from an ID3-Tags in a directory into SnapIt!
– Export all tags of a directory into an ID3-Tag
– Export all tags of a directory into internet into a text-format of your choice
– Import and Export from your CDDB database
– List of all files in a directory with all information (Name, Tags,…..)
– All files in a directory can be exported as an Album
– All artists in the directory can be exported as an Artist
– All albums of an artist can be exported as an Album
– All Songs of an album can be exported as a Track
– All years of an album can be exported as a Year
– Export Tag Settings
– Year, Artist, Album, Track, Genre, Title,……
– Export CDDB
– Import Tag Settings
– Import Artist, Album, Track, Genre, Year,….
– Import CDDB
– Get Album Info
– Get Song Info
– Automatic directory listings
– Directory listing with artist, album, track,…
– Automatic directory listings with sorted files
– Supports CDDB database
– Supports ‘all tags’ on all files
– Import text-

What’s New in the SnapIt!?

–Album-Art-viewer (Like WinAmp does with WAV-files)
–Album-or-Artist-viewer (Just like in WinAmp)
–CD-DB-Viewer (Like the CD-player in Windows)
–CD-Proprieties-Viewer (to view the properties of an mp3-file)
–CDDB-Search (to search for a track by its ID)
–CDDB-Edit (to edit the id3-tags of an mp3-file)
–Audio-to-Wave-converter (Speex to wav/mp3/ogg/alac)
–File-to-Scsi-utils (Scsi commands to control my CD-drive)
–MP3-Writer (to write a CD with my songs)
–MP3-Reader (to read MP3-files)
–MP3-Player (to play MP3 files)
–MP3-ripper (to rip MP3-files)
–Tag-Editor (to edit tags in an mp3-file)
And a lot of other handy tools in my hand.
Current version 1.7.0

Copy of the whole forum:
SnapIt! – V1.7.0 – Homepage

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Yes, it’s also in English (I found the one on the english page was broken), but I hope it’s in order for all of you!

Yes, I’m still working on the translation, just not as fast as before. I spent more time with the engine, adding a lot more tools and now I am busy with it.

I would love to do a translation of this forum, and the english documentation, and maybe the start-up guide, but there is no time left for it. Also, I spent alot of time on other programs on my website and I cannot remember what is what, I have no time to translate.

It’s sad because the English wiki is really good and I always wanted to do it.

Ok, I wanted to give a quick update on SnapIt! as a whole. The major change is that I added a “Startup Guide” to make it easier for new users to get going with using the program, or at least get to the point

System Requirements For SnapIt!:

X Rebirth.
OS: Windows XP. Windows 7, Windows 8 are supported.
Processor: Intel Pentium III 800MHz or greater.
Memory: 256MB.
Graphics: 1024×768 32bit or higher.
DirectX: DirectX 9.0.
Hard Drive: 120MB.
Graphics: 1024

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